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Phiên bản tiếng Việt

Madrelingua vietnamita laureata all’Università di Hanoi in lingua Italiana.

Sono interprete professionista con ottima conoscenza sia inglese sia italiano
Sono disponibile a fare
– interpretariato (simultaneo e consecutivo) congressi, meeting ecc..
– traduzioni inglese, italiano e vietnamita
– proof reading
Prezzi buoni e tempistica rapida.
Grazie mille.

Resto a Vostra completa disposizione per qualsiasi richiesta di informazioni in merito alla mia attività. / (+39) 327 4061497

CV Anny Nguyen interprete


vietnamita interprete

A young Vietnamese professional based in Rome, with a BA of Language and Tourism and five-year professional experience in interpreting and translating.

I have a solid knowledge of various dialects across Italian speaking regions and cultures so I am capable of providing accurate information in all settings. I keep up to date in the translation world by actively participating in a wide range of translation & terminology blogs, and subscribing to various professional journals, and magazines.

I had been quite successful in providing services to individuals and organizations.

You can be rest assured about my sincerity, punctuality and dedication. Please do not hesitate to reach out through phone or email and I thank you for your consideration.




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